Membership application

We invite every researcher interested in the aims of The Proof Society to become a member. Currently, membership fee is set at zero, which maybe subject to revision in the future. To apply for a membership in The Proof Society please complete and submit the following form.

Request your Private Link

When your application has been successfully submitted, the TPS Membership Secretary will check your eligibility using the information you provided (in particular, your webpage) and make a decision, if necessary with consultation of the Core Initiating Committee of TPS. You will receive by email the result of this decision: this will usually take only a few days.

If you do not have an official webpage, please provide a link to some other page with information that we can use to determine your eligibility (for example, to your publications list). If this does not work, please put relevant information in the comments section. For example, if you are a student and do not have your own webpage or papers yet, enter the name, affiliation and email of your supervisor in the comments section; we may then ask you to ask your supervisor to send us a short email with a recommendation.

In case of technical problems with the application process please contact the maintainer of this site.