Proof Theory Virtual Seminar

Videos & Slides

The seminar series is run by the following committee:

Lev Beklemishev (Steklov Mathematical Institute)

Yong Cheng (Wuhan University)

Anupam Das (University of Birmingham)

Anton Freund (TU Darmstadt)

Thomas Powell (University of Bath)

Sam Sanders (RU Bochum)

Monika Seisenberger (Swansea University)

Andrei Sipoş (Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy)

Henry Towsner (University of Pennsylvania)

The committee would like to express its gratitude for support by the Proof Society, who in particular host our webpage. We would also like to acknowledge support by the Technical University of Darmstadt.

Talks are given by invitation of the committee. Feedback about the seminar series is warmly encouraged. You can get in touch by writing an email to the following address: