Proof Theory Virtual Seminar

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The Proof Theory Virtual Seminar presents talks by leading researchers from all areas of proof theory. Everyone who is interested in the subject is warmly invited to attend!

Talks take place online via Zoom, usually on the first and third Wednesday of each month. They start at 17:00 UTC (first Wednesday of the month) or 9:00 UTC (third Wednesday) and last 45 minutes plus questions. Upcoming talks are announced in the calender below (please note the time zone in the lower left corner). You can view the abstract of a talk by clicking on its title. There is also a version of the calendar on, which should display your local time zone (but please double check).

To attend, simply click on "Participate" in the menu above, then click on the Zoom link on that page. Under "Participate", you also have the option to subscribe to email reminders. We look forward to seeing you at the seminar!

We are affiliated with the Proof Society, and our aims with this seminar are closely aligned with theirs (see the Proof Society's Manifesto), particularly in enabling communication within the broader proof theory community.